Group shot of Sinestar
Group shot of Sinestar. From left, Iain Brownlie, James Skuse, Matt Mohangee and Mark Trueman.

Bristol based Sinestar was created in January 2011 by Iain Brownlie (Vocals), Mark Trueman (Keyboards and Programming), Matt Mohangee (Drums) and Steven John (Guitars). James Skuse (Bass) joined the band shortly after.

The band began to perform live and it was apparent they had something that deserved attention, with head turning synths and powerful live guitars, drums and vocals.

This line up continued until 2013 when Guitarist Steven John decided to leave the band to pursue other interests. Sinestar, still passionate about making music continued as a four piece with Iain stepping in on Guitar.

Sinestar have released 2 EP’s Titled “I am the rain” in 2012 and ” Hope and Prey” in 2013. The band has just released their Debut album “Singularis” at the end of 2013.

Sinestar fuse 80’s style synth led sounds with the soaring vocals and harmonies of modern day Muse. Throw in some dance inspired grooves for good measure and you start to form a picture of where the band are coming from.

The band take their influences from many different genres and styles from the past five decades to create a sound which is uniquely and unmistakably their own.


  1. 1

    ButterfliesEmbedded from SoundCloud

  2. 2

    I Am The Rain - Drenched MixEmbedded from SoundCloud

  3. 3

    Rise and FallEmbedded from SoundCloud

  4. 4

    Hope and PreyEmbedded from SoundCloud

  5. 5

    I Am The RainEmbedded from SoundCloud

  6. 6

    Lived ForEmbedded from SoundCloud

  7. 7

    HurricaneEmbedded from SoundCloud

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