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Hello World!

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This is just a short post to welcome you to our brand new website.

We intend this site to be a hub for all the exciting news and events happening in Sinestar’s universe in the coming months (don’t worry, we’ll also be keeping our Facebook page up-to-date).

What No Shop?

Don’t worry, we’re currently hard at work on a shop section for this site, so that you’ll  be able to buy all your Sinestar merchandise if you’re not able to get to one of our gigs.

It’s not finished just yet, but we’ll make an announcement both here and on our Facebook page when it goes live.

Something To Say?

We know we have a great bunch of loyal fans who regularly visit us on Facebook, but feel free to engage with this site too. To an extent this site will always be a work in progress, and you can help shape it. Just pop a comment at the bottom of this or any future posts and have your say!

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  1. a huge thankyou for adding this website & of course the fabulous gig on saturday launching an awesome album enjoyed the 2 new songs.

    1. We’re really pleased you liked the gig Jeanette. We really enjoyed it too. Great to see so many friendly faces 🙂

  2. Hi guys great new website. Massive thank you for an awesome gig at the Tunnels. Loving the new album. Look forward to catching up with you all through the year. Great photos as well guys.

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