• Iain Brownlie – vocals

    Iain Brownlie – vocals

  • Mark Trueman – keyboards

    Mark Trueman – keyboards

  • James Skuse – bass

    James Skuse – bass

  • Matt Mohangee – drums

    Matt Mohangee – drums


Thank You!!!

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As you may know Team Sinestar walked the Horseshoe in the Brecon Beacons for the Charity Nordoff Robins. Led by the legendary Dave Charles. It’s rained, it was windy and it was very very hard but with our fellow bands Tenek, Low Tide Theory, EMT, Dancing With Ruby and Rainland[…]

Bow wow Wow!!

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Greeting all, I hope you are all well. Sinestar are very excited to announce we will be playing with the awesome Bow Wow Wow at the Fleece in Bristol on the 10th of August. Come on down and join in. It will be great to see you there. see you[…]

Synthesize me with Oren Amram

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Tune in tonight to hear a 1 hour special featuring Sinestar and Zoon Politicon. Hear our new album Evolve in its entirety only on the Oren Amram Sythesize me show. Click the link below… Hope you all enjoy, thank you Oren for your continued support of the electronic scene. Much[…]

U.K’s best part time band.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would have seen BBC4’s new show UK’s best part time band. Well we are over the moon the announce that we made the series. Over 1200 bands auditioned for the show and we made it to the final 25. If you have[…]

Isynth IV Lille

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What an amazing few weeks we’ve had. Sorry for the delay but we’ve been super busy in an awesome way. I synth was an awesome event. So many great bands and people. We all had a great time playing at Le Biplan, although it was the hottest stage we’ve ever[…]