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Latest album Reviews

a million like us


"There are by far more ‘A’ sides than ‘B’ sides on this album, leaving one rather spoilt for choice in terms of single selection. That said, ‘The Preacher’, ‘Erotic Hypnotica’ and ‘A Moment of Silence’ would surely be worthy contenders given they’re immensely discernible tracks." Full Article

"The album contains a lot of songs that have the potential to be played on the dance floors of the independent clubs. And hopefully the band gets now a little more attention. However if you have the chance to see them live, go to the shows as SINESTAR shows up with energetic performances.." Full Article

reflections of D.gif
reflections of D.gif

The title track and pre-release single "A Million Like Us", "Recognize Me", "A Second In Your Arms", "Testify" and "The Preacher" are pure synth pop and absolute reference tips. Full Article (German)


"Sinestar definitely is a talented electro-pop band hitting back with a styled and high-tech production. This album features multiple great moments of music. Full Article

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